Wednesday, November 23

Divorce at marriage ceremony


Excellent news, this woman needs to be congratulated. These morons and idiots who demand dowry, these people who are genitally challenged should be forced to sleep with flea infested camels and then a bucket of warm spit poured over them while being kicked with hob nailed boots will only realise when they are publicly mocked. Bastards. May he never be able to sustain an erection. So there. And for his aunt, may your hair fall out in clumps and warts grow on your nose. So there even. Detest these bastards and witches. Bah, but what a great woman, now that’s courage for you. Attagirl.

I quote:

A bride has divorced the bridegroom for demanding dowry on the very day of marriage.
The bride, Farjana Yasmin, is the daughter of Khalilur Rahman of Kalipura village under Kukua union council of Amtali upazila of the district. She recently completed her Masters in Social Welfare from Dhaka's Eden College, securing first class.
The bridegroom, Shawkat Ali Khan alias Hiran, is headmaster of a government primary school at Kalapara upazila in Patuakhali district. He is the son of Shah Alam Khan of Madrasah Road area in Kalapara municipality.
Farjana told that she was married to Shawkat on Friday morning.
"As they were about to leave our house along with me, his (Shawkat) aunt Tahmina Begum demanded a TV set, refrigerator, motorbike and some other things as dowry in presence of the guests," she said.
As Shawkat also supported his aunt's demand, Farjana divorced him then and there.
"He who demands dowry can never be my life partner. I'm divorcing him in your presence," she told the guests.
The relatives of the bridegroom tried to solve the row until 9:45pm, but Farjana stuck to her guns.
The relatives of the bridegroom left the ceremony humiliated.
Farjana told, "In my student life, I was an anti-dowry activist and generated awareness against it among the people. But now I have myself become its victim."
"I think women should stand against dowry."
Contacted, Shawkat's mobile phone set was found switched off.
Tahmina is the headmistress of a government primary school of Kalapara Sadar upazila.

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