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Slaughter a bull at the Party Conferences UK/USA #ukpolitics

I think this should be a great way to start the UK Political Party Conferences. Sacrifice an animal. First the story.

The ANC centenary celebrations formally commenced on Saturday with a traditional cleansing ceremony in Waaihoek.
Taking place on the grounds where the church in which the ruling party was founded in 1912 lies, several animals were ceremonially slaughtered.
Traditional and religious leaders opened the cleansing ceremony outside the church on Friday evening with an inter-faith service that turned into an overnight vigil running until the sacrificial ceremony took place.
The animals' blood was spilled inside a kraal to the beat of drums and ululation.
Renowned poet and ANC member Walley Serote told reporters the sacrifice is part of "remembering African traditions" in the hopes of invoking the spirits of the ancestors to offer guidance.
"We spill the blood of these animals in the hopes that our ancestors will help us prevent spilling human blood in the future," he said.
Also in attendance was ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe, party chairperson Baleka Mbete, Traditional Affairs minister Richard Baloyi and African-American civil right activist Reverend Jessie Jackson.
President Jacob Zuma brought the cleansing ceremony to a close by sacrificing a black bull. He carried out the symbolic slaughter with a spear presented to him by a former Umkhonto we Sizwe member.
Only a select few were privy to Zuma ending the cleansing ceremony as police kept the media and the majority of those attending away.

The stabbing was left to the "young" who could perform it practically, said Zuma.
"Some of the important remarks I made before the ritual was [about] the importance of the spear. The spear was one of the powerful weapons we used in the wars of resistance," Zuma said.
"This is very symbolic because of the struggle. The apartheid government responded with violence, with burning people and arresting people and finally banning organisations, especially the ANC and PAC."
Zuma then recounted how former ANC leader Albert Luthuli along with the national executive committee at the time created the ANC's military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) in order to defend itself.
"Luthuli said that as an African man, if you are faced with a powerful enemy ... you retreat to [your] own home where there is a spear, which is your last weapon. And once he follows you to your home, you are left with no alternative but to pick up your spear and stab him.
"We have spoken to the ancestors, it is done. The spear once used to fight apartheid is now used to protect our nation. Let us go out and enjoy the centenary celebrations," Zuma told the crowd afterwards.
The Mangaung Outdoor Sports Complex will play host to a series of inter-cultural performances from 10am onwards.

So lets see what will be the equivalent in the UK.

Conservatives have to go for the Pig or Cats given their associations with Hogging Pigs or Fat Cats

Labour has to go for the cow because of the Mad Cow disease and the beef they have with agriculture

Liberal Democrats would, I guess, prefer to sacrifice a turkey because, well, what else can you associate with that party?

Socialists have to sacrifice a bull because that’s what they peddle

Greens have to sacrifice a head of lettuce?

SNP perhaps has to go for sacrificing a deer? a barking deer perhaps?

BNP has to sacrifice a chicken. Because that’s what they are

I cant remember any other political names…

No questions about the USA, they have their donkeys and elephants already. But what about Libertarians? What should they sacrifice? I guess any civil servant will do? Smile with tongue out

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