Friday, January 13

A statue of books is idolatrous?

The mind boggles. First the story:

A council member of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) today filed a case at the police over "importing and keeping idols" for the SAARC Summit that wrapped up recently in Addu.

Speaking to journalists after submitting the case, Maz Saleem said the police were asked to look into how the "idols" were imported into the Maldives through Customs and the police "standing guard" around the idols.

PPM Council member, Ilham Ahmed said Customs failed to carry out its legal responsibility of preventing the import of items such as "idols" into the country.

Seems like the recent South Asian association met and the countries donated stuff to Maldives. Sri Lanka presented a statue of a lion while Pakistan, surprisingly, presented a monument shaped like a pile of books on a brick plinth. Guess what? People thought it was idolatrous and burnt it.

Sighs, what a bunch of morons. Do they not know what the first word of the Quran is? it says IQRA. or READ.

Do you think these guys are heading towards a Darwin Award?


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