Tuesday, August 28

Reading about the Buddha made my hair hurt

If the Buddha has become enlightened and gotten off the wheel of life as we know it, then from a metaphysical perspective, he is no longer in this Newtonian universe. I'm happy to consider, in terms of faith and metaphysics to consider the soul to be made up of an energy form which is yet to be determined.
Which begs the question, he is obviously somewhere else, in terms of the laws of preservation of mass and energy. That somewhere else is a universe which is outside our universe, operating on physical principles which we do not know or operate. the barrier or boundary between these two universes is also unclear or unknown.
But based upon faith, praying to Buddha helps in improving your lot in life in this world or even in your next life here. Which means that the Buddha is able to reach back from the other universe to this and influence people and matter in this universe.
But if he has passed off the wheel of life, why is he still coming back?

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