Wednesday, August 1

What happened to General Zia?

General Zia of Pakistan casts a very long shadow. His Islamisation programme of Pakistan has turned that country into a progressively fundamentalist country. I get an email copy of the Dawn newspaper every day. Every day, the entire newspaper is full of doom and gloom, killings and robberies, corruption and pain. Zia has much to blame for. And then you have the killings of Palestinians on his shoulders in Jordan.

He was killed in a plane crash. Here is a long news paper item on the circumstances his death. Go read it, fascinating how there was a giant cover up. But don't be surprised, when Pakistan treats its living with such disdain, why are you concerned about its dead? Jinnah, one of the greats in the world, was treated atrociously and now his country is a blot on his ideas and dreams. And so on and so forth.

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