Wednesday, January 2

British institutions: livery companies

I was a freeman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists till recently. Had to resign unfortunately as I simply couldn't manage to attend their sessions, they are usually held in the city of London, start at around 5 and I cannot get back into the city from Canary Wharf by that time..So had to regretfully resign, but still, given their halls, we end up having quite a lot of dinners at the various Livery Companies. My last sojourn there was to the Ironmonger’s…I have been there before. See here. Also to the Butchers. And pottered around the garden of the Barbers. And then the Makers of Playing cards. Anyway, they do a shedload of charity things, so was involved with them to raise funds for schools, was a mentor for few of their journeymen, gave lectures at the hall and then helped other charities. Anyhow…Here’s the wiki entry on these livery companies.

Here’s a lovely overview of the Livery Companies from the FT. Good place to be in, very long history, very good work being done and something that the professions could do a bit more of..

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