Tuesday, March 26

The Things They Leave Behind

War is one of the most stupid activities to be carried out by humans son. It rarely helps. Once you get a chance, read up on the concepts of just war. Then you will realise how rare are 'good' wars. Just in your lifetime from 1995, we have seen almost 25 wars of various kinds. And I've yet to find something good in any of those. 

Worse, after the war, everybody moves on other than the dead, the injured, their families and some historians. 

Pointless. Utterly pointless. That's why I look at people who profess war with the deepest suspicion. They are usually very selfish or are playing with other's lives. A teacher is braver and more creditworthy than somebody who professes war. 

Vietnam was such a pointless war. What was achieved? 60,000 Americans died. For what? A memorial which has panties and ashes?

The sheer stupidity just pisses me off. 



The Things They Leave Behind: Artifacts From the Vietnam Veterans Memorial | People & Politics | Washingtonian

Six white votive candles are left burning at the base of the wall after everyone has gone. There are only the candles and the flickers of light that dance above them. Lit from below, the names carved into the face of the wall don’t stand out as words. Instead you see fingerprints where a name has been touched, marked by the oils from living skin.

It’s almost 2 in the morning on Memorial Day 2012. Usually the Vietnam Veterans Memorial would have a carpet of mementos and letters in front of it on this, the eve of Rolling Thunder, when thousands of veterans, motorcycle riders, and onlookers congregate in Washington. Indeed, they thronged to the wall earlier and left hundreds of cards, grandchildren’s drawings, and teddy bears plus one rolled-up canvas that might have been a tent or a tarpaulin. But tonight the rangers have cleared everything away by order of the Secret Service. The President will speak here tomorrow.

All of these items are, officially, suspect.

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