Wednesday, March 27

Why Gun Makers Fear the NRA

Every time I read about the situation with guns in USA it just bewilders me. It's not logical. But then fear is a funny old thing son. Look at nearly an entire nation is debating if normal people can buy a war capable assault rifle with 15 or 30 rounds. Wtf? 

That's what American civilisation has been reduced to? 

But watch this space son, these people are slowly becoming extinct. Wrong side of history. Wrong side of civilisation. Wrong side of religion. Wrong side of ethics. Wrong side of right. Wrong side of just being a good nice human being. 




Why Gun Makers Fear the NRA - Businessweek

In the days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre on Dec. 14, executives with a half-dozen major U.S. gun manufacturers contacted the National Rifle Association. The firearm industry representatives didn’t call the NRA, which they support with millions of dollars each year, to issue directives. On the contrary, they sought guidance on how to handle the public-relations crisis, according to people familiar with the situation who agreed to interviews on the condition they remain anonymous.

While the Obama administration had reacted meekly to mass shootings in Tucson and Aurora, Colo., Sandy Hook would be different. Twenty first-graders were dead. The president, a gun control supporter who previously had avoided the radioactive issue, wiped away tears when talking on television about the “beautiful little kids.” As a nation, the normally stoic president added, “We have been through this too many times.” In crass political terms, he was newly reelected and had less to lose in confronting pro-gun forces. The NRA’s leadership faced a choice: Go to the mattresses as usual, or acknowledge the special horror of Sandy Hook and offer an olive branch.

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