Thursday, September 26

Old People need so little but they need that so little so much

When I was a small boy, I read this quote, “Old People need so little but they need that so little so much” and that has stayed with me since. Now I am a middle aged git, it again pops up now and then. I guess previously I was interested in this because I was hoping to get to know and help the older generation. Now that I am middle aged, I am considering how I will prepare for old age. Loneliness? But here’s an article which made me think

Elderly perceived themselves to be the transmitters of religious education both in the
family sphere and community sphere. There was concern among the Indian elderly of modi-
fying their practices, to suit the changing times as is captured in the following quotation.
If anybody dies, they call me first. My function is not only to practise custom but also
to give solace and consolation to people who are in grief. This is my main part. I also
train assistants. We should not stick to the past. Many boys and girls in my Jain com-
munity ask ‘Why is this done?’ If I cannot answer I will lose respect. I explain to them
from the knowledge I have Ieamed about religions and traditions. Certain traditions are
simply done for no reason. We should keep only the necessary traditions . . . (Indian
male in elderly group).
The successful transmission of religious education to younger generations is seen as an
art requiring sensitive modifications to adapt to the needs of the younger audience

I think I will go potter around in a university :)

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