Friday, September 27

Retirement planning, may your eyes glaze over

We release this report every year. And it scares me every year..I quote:

Our findings reveal that 39% of UK respondents who are retirees think that they failed to prepare adequately

In this report we can see how a new retirement landscape is slowly emerging. The desire to live a full life after work can be seen in the widely held aspirations for healthy and prosperous retirement. People also aspire to leave a positive financial legacy for their children and grandchildren, during retirement and through inheritances.

Yet such goals are being put at risk by a failure to prepare adequately. Indeed, many of those in retirement regret not having saved more when they were younger, or having retired too soon, and in this report they share the impact those decisions are having on achieving their retirement aspirations.

At present, large numbers of people in the UK are doing nothing about the potential shortfall in their retirement. But by taking the first steps, by planning for the future and getting financial advice, you can build towards the type of retirement you want.

You can click here to test how you did compared to your peers.

This worries me tremendously, so that’s why we have started a small pension pot for the kids now. Who knows what they will end up in 60 years but as the quote goes, I am planting an acorn now for my grandkids to play under the shade.

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