Monday, January 27

Quite an interesting list – oldest banks in the world

this was quite an interesting list to see and read. HSBC appears on number 10. I quote:

HSBC Trinkaus originally known as HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG operates as a general financial company in Dusseldorf, Gremany.  It is also one of the members of HSBC Group and was established in 1785. HSBC Trinkaus has its operations in various sectors for instance private, commercial and asset management and investment banking. A majority stake in Trinkaus & Burkhardt was acquired by the UK-based Midland Bank in 1980, but five years later, Trinkaus & Burkhardt converted to a partnership limited by shares and was listed on the stock exchange. In 1992 HSBC acquired Midlanbank along with its stake.

HSBC also has its own museum and it is an amazing place to visit. You can see old ledgers. You can see World War 1 staff registers where, in fading ink, you can see bank workers and managers leave to join the armed forces and how their entries were closed off due to death on the front. You can see manifests of young men going off to man bank counters across the world, sea trunks full of clothes. You can see thin flimsy’s requesting instructions. Seeing photographs of workers sitting on bales of Chinese silk on the docks of San Francisco from early last century which we funded. Not a history of big men but of people like me and me.

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