Friday, April 11

Gerard Depardieu flees France over taxes


An interesting comparison between France Latvia and Greece. On the reactions to austerity. One more thing. It's easier to give than to take away. Specially other peoples money. Sooner or later you will run out of other people's money. Debt is borrowing from your children. 

My mind boggles at who would be stupid enough to do so but as you can see, there are tons of such people and nations. 

Stay away from debt son. Not good. 



NGerard Depardieu flees France over taxes: A country’s reaction to higher taxes, austerityon , or budget cuts depends on its culture, history, and national mood. - Slate Magazine

159128585Au revoir, Gerard Depardieu

Photograph by Savo Prelevic/AFP/Getty Images.

PARIS—For a brief moment before Christmas, self-doubt gripped France. The beloved French actor Gerard Depardieu—who recently played Obelix, an even more beloved French comic book character—announced he was moving to Belgium because President Francois Hollande had threatened to tax millionaires at 75 percent of their income. The nation plunged into depression. Opponents of the wealth tax geared up to attack the president. Pictures of Depardieu in his new “home” in Nechin, a Belgian town just across the French border, appeared in Paris-Match alongside an article titled “France, which is a haven for rich Qataris, is a hell for its own inhabitants.”

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