Tuesday, May 6

Lunch with the FT: Mary Midgley

Here are two oxford graduates, coincidentally who both studied one of the topics you are going to read, philosophy, talking about philosophy.
It's an interesting topic. At one end, it can termed as meaningless mental masturbation, full of arcane meanderings in obtuse corners of the human experience, using convoluted language which bears no resemblance to reality.
On the other hand son, philosophy underpins and originates all human knowledge. Studying physics or economics or chemistry or astronomy hard enough and you end up in philosophy land.
Have a good grounding in it son. If nothing else it will help you keep questioning yourself and challenging yourself. Search for the truth always.

I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:
Financial Times,
Lunch with the FT: Mary Midgley
By Peter Aspden
The moral philosopher who was labelled a ‘heretic’ for championing common sense talks about scientific arrogance, macho philosophers and impending ‘catastrophe’
Read the full article at: http://on.ft.com/1hK1A2D

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