Thursday, May 22

The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor


I've told you about being poor. But we aren't poor now. But I still make these mistakes kids. I'm a banker and I'm supposed to be good with money. And I'm terrible at spending. Spend too much on gifts. Spend too much on bonus or tax refund time. Or not save enough or properly. These are terrible habits kids. Don't make the mistakes I made. Very bad terrible habits. 



The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor

Cracked Columnists

Cracked Columnists

As some of you know, until the last couple of years, I was poor as shit. The first 18 years, I was a kid and couldn't do anything about it. The next 17, I was still a kid and wouldn't do anything about it. I take full responsibility for that, and I don't point a finger at anyone for the way I lived. I dug my own hole.

But along the way, a few miracles happened (including landing a job that doesn't suck), and I've finally found myself living the way I always pictured a normal person would: bills paid, groceries in the fridge and two gold-plated nude statues of myself standing proudly in my front yard.

But as anybody who's been through the poverty gauntlet can tell you, it changes a person. And it doesn't go away just because you're no longer fighting hobos for their moonshine. For instance ...

#5. You Develop a Taste for Shitty Food

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