Thursday, June 19

The Transformation of the World, by Jürgen Osterhammel

This is what I'm talking about son. Having a vision. Have a biggest baddest  hugest vision son.
Forget about the books. We've got Toynbee and Eric hobswawm and Macaulay and gibbon. Btw, gibbon's book and language is perhaps the best ever. He writes well, so beautifully. Do you know how he wrote? He would walk around thinking his paragraph in his head and then would just come back and drop the paragraph on paper. Every para he did this. Can you imagine the idea? His paragraphs are a word of art. I learnt that trick son. Before I respond to an important email, I walk around. But even better I sleep over it. Do that son. Never. Respond to an email when you are angry otherwise you will make the best response that you will always regret. same with the any fights. Walk away. No point fighting. Can't do it all the time but walk away. Then you have a better way to manage the situation.
But I'm digressing. Go back to the vision son. You're at the age when you need to have a vision. Something for the world. Something for the country. Something for the family and something for the man inside you. Dream wild dreams son. Have a huge thing.
Don't be an insect grubbing for dirt but a man who is a dragon son. Flying over the world. World domination. Never accept limitations from others other than what people put on you son.
Nothing like hearing, he had a vision and made it happen. Do it son.
I'm proud of you.

I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:
Financial Times,
The Transformation of the World, by Jürgen Osterhammel
Review by David Cannadine
A monumental study of the 19th century takes the widest possible perspective on a globalising age
Read the full article at:

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