Saturday, September 19

I get food stamps, and I’m not ashamed — I’m angry

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!! Kids I have talked to you about being poor before. Its soul destroying and removes all kinds of dignity from human-kind. I have seen your grandfather cry because we didnt have enough money for mangoes which Pia was asking for. He didnt think anybody saw but I did. I have seen my mother cry because she was asking for a loan. Or when we had to go hungry or didnt have what we wanted to eat. Believe you me son, it is not fun and it is not good at all. Hate it. It puts you in the mercy of others, who may or may not help you. That's why I am paranoid about you learning to earn well and save enough. Truly so. You both are smart and intelligent and dont waste money and save so that's a great thing. But then after that, you need to help others. That's why I am happy to pay my taxes and also help out on the charitable front. People are poor and they need help. We see this day in and day out in our Home Start Charity. At Mayhew we see pets being starved or fed rubbish food because they dont have any money for proper food. So dont despise people on benefits kids, they are there for a reason. Yes, some people do take advantage but not all. That's the mark of a civilised society where you help others live decently, specially the children. This article is an eye - opener, kids, read and think about not just yourself but others who are living in western rich countries but need help just to feed themselves. Love Baba. Vox - All I get food stamps, and I’m not ashamed — I’m angry Sep 16th 2015, 12:20, by Christine Gilbert My name is Christine, and I get food stamps. I've had to apply off and on over the past 16 years in order to make sure my family was fed. I don't feel the least bit ashamed of myself for this, but apparently some people think I should.

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