Sunday, September 20

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It's one of the big regrets in my life that I haven't really explored Goethe that much. Faust of course is required reading but This renaissance man is one of my hero's. What a man. Lawyer. Painter. Scientist. Warrior. Writer. Poet. You name it. And he travelled long and hard. Loved many wonderful women. Had loads of kids. Spawned entire genres. Is remembered posthumously. The man is a legend. In my travels in Germany I've come across his signs. But never managed to really get to grips with him like I've done with other Renaissance men like da Vinci or Michelangelo or Adam smith or Newton or Darwin and a host of others. Funny, I actually totted up the numbers of blog posts, papers and books and photo essays and and and that I've written so far. It's about 11000. Of course the quality sucks compared to Goethe but hey ho. I'm still a young man with much to blather on about eh? 



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