Tuesday, January 5

How War in Syria Turned These Ordinary Engineers Into Deadly Weapons Inventors

This was an interesting story son. Of how ordinary men become agents of war and destruction. We will keep on having wars. And for wars to keep in happening, we will keep on having moron leaders and useful idiots like these. 

Let me give you two examples. The uk has been embroiled in some wars somewhere pretty much constantly across the world for the past several hundred years. Yes. And you wonder why. What did we get out of it? Look at the USA. Constantly warring. Stupidity. As a way to achieve your aim of keeping your populace happy and wealthy, war is the most stupid way. So from a purely functional basis it's incompetence. 



How War in Syria Turned These Ordinary Engineers Into Deadly Weapons Inventors | Threat Level | Wired.com


of War

The arms manufacturers of Aleppo used to be ordinary men—network administrators, housepainters, professors. Then came the bloody Syrian crisis. Now they must use all their desperate creativity to supply their fellow rebels with the machinery of death.

By Matthieu Aikins

Photographs and audio interviews by
Moises Saman

Audio recording by
Sam Tarling and
Alexander Fedyushkin

In Aleppo, Syria, a rebel builds Molotov-cocktail-like incendiary bombs in an abandoned school.

Abu Yassin pulls open the heavy iron gate of the school and steps back. “Peace be upon you,” he says in Arabic, grinning and extending a hand, his arm stained to the elbow with aluminum powder. “Welcome, welcome.” He turns and waves for me to follow. We walk along a short pathway toward the front door, past an assortment of ordnance laid out on the concrete, bombs that fell from the sky but failed to explode: an ovoid 88-millimeter mortar shell, a big 500-pounder with twisted tail fins, a neat row of pale-gray Russian cluster bomblets, their nose fuses removed. “Later! I will open them later!” he says, eyebrows waggling with anticipation.

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