Tuesday, January 5

Top Job Cutter in Greece Worries about Going Too Far

It's sooooo easy to grow the state son. Nobody will complain as everybody pays for that and somebody else will worry about it. You either manage the beast or somebody else will force you to do this. The leviathan that is the state has to be kept under control. And the best time to do this is when there are boom times. Otherwise you will have to do during bust times. 

Read and weep son. Your taxes are going to Greece to fix this issue. 



Top Job Cutter in Greece Worries about Going Too Far - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Antonis Manitakis has the most thankless job in Greece. Tasked with slashing the grotesquely bloated public sector, he is hounded by troika officials, reviled by his countrymen and afraid of cutting too deep.

Appearances are deceiving on Klafthmonos Square in downtown Athens. Three imposing bronze statues, the “Monument to National Reconciliation,” shimmer in the bright spring sunshine. But demonstrators at the base of the monument bring to mind the original purpose of the square, the name of which translates into “Lamentation Square.” Until 1911, when the Greek constitution guaranteed all civil servants jobs for life, government bureaucrats who had been let go after a change in government used to come to the square to publicly express their outrage. 

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