Tuesday, March 22

Goodbye Sweden

I've spent quite a lot of time in Sweden Kannu. It's an amazing place. Truly beautiful. 
The people are also extraordinarily different from the Indian or British or American structure and culture that I've grown up with. They are very calm. Very polite. Very consensual. Their architecture is bright. Clean. Straight lines. Everything is managed well and on the face of it, no issues. 
But my experiences of Sweden were in the late 1990's. Things have moved on since then. It was distressing to read this. Yes of course the chap seems to be upset and therefore might be a bit OTT in certain areas. His comment about the Swedish military hit close and was a bit funny as well. It's a neutral country but will get rolled over by the Russians in the blink of an eye. It's that bad. 
And now the Belgian attacks. I think Europe has to rethink its way and approach to minorities and immigration. 
Some tough choices ahead. 
Hope you get better soon son with you me tummy. Sorry wasn't able to cuddle you yesterday. I was a bit out with the knees. :)

Goodbye Sweden
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