Monday, March 21

When Your Spouse Is a Picky Eater


I thought you'd appreciate this article. There is no harm in being particular about food. At all. But that shouldn't be at the expense of being open to new experiences. You both will find your boyfriends/girlfriends may have particular tastes. But given that eating is something you do very regularly, why become boring? That's one of the things you can enjoy and have fun. And explore. Create new experiences. So some of the suggestions given in here are good. I was quite impressed when Diya agreed to have the noodle dosa. That's what I try to do, whenever I see a menu. What a new thing I can try. 4 times order the same but the 5th time, try a new one. What's the harm? You'll know what you don't want to eat or better still something great that you never experienced :) good odds there.

Can't wait for Kannu to get back home so that I can try out some of my medieval recipes on him :)



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