Thursday, July 28

The Economist | Big economic ideas: Breakthroughs and brickbats

One of the interesting things with my new job, son, is that I'm immediately pitched straight and deep into macro and micro economics. Quite an interesting situation. I've got to help figure out how to help direct taxpayers money to firms and sectors which can export more and better and perhaps even for the first time.

Exporting more has a direct implication on our country's economic prosperity and therefore our happiness. In other words, my job is to make our companies successful by exporting. So I will be delving deep into these (and other theories) all over again.

In most of the cases, it's basic hygiene factors which are missing and we forget them. Information. Risk management. Removal of barriers. Improvement in pricing. Right incentives. Education.

I thought of sending this to you as you still have one year to go but then if you had to recommend a target for a merger, these economic theories come into the picture so you might want to keep an eye out.

Did I mention how proud I am of you? I saw you rushing out today to go to work and I was telling mamma. Just a few years back, his worry was pickachu or what game to play. And now he's all grown up. I'm actually surprised and very impressed how well you've picked up good working habits. This level of work is very very rare and you, my son, are doing it very well.

But the role of internship is not just to get a job. It's also to let you know if you do want to do this job. We just want you to be happy and achieve your goals. If you want to be an investment banker fine. If you want to become an academic fine. We just want you to be happy and will support you as much as we can and more.

Love you son.


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