Thursday, August 4

The U.S. President Has a Blank Check for Waging War


As I've said so many times before, I hate wars. It's the most spectacular waste of energy and lives. And pretty much war mongers are literally bastards who are intellectually dishonest. But they are murderers. We launch wars, get thousands and millions killed and then the people who actually ordered the wars go on to become rich. Look at the prime ministers and presidents. 

Surely they should obey laws? Read this article to see why you have to constantly be on the guard against people exceeding their powers including democratic mandates. I asked my member of Parliament what his vote did after the Syrian war and he has no answer. Such are our leaders. 




The U.S. President Has a Blank Check for Waging War
(via Instapaper)

Let's face it — in times of war, the Constitution tends to take a beating. With the safety or survival of the nation said to be at risk, the basic law of the land — otherwise considered sacrosanct — becomes nonbinding, subject to being waived at the whim of government authorities who are impatient, scared, panicky or just plain pissed off.

The examples are legion. During the Civil War, Pres. Abraham Lincoln arbitrarily suspended the writ of habeas corpus and ignored court orders that took issue with his authority to do so. After U.S. entry into World War I, the administration of Woodrow Wilson mounted a comprehensive effort to crush dissent, shutting down anti-war publications in complete disregard of the First Amendment.

Amid the hysteria triggered by Pearl Harbor, Pres. Franklin Roosevelt issued an executive order consigning to concentration camps more than 100,000 Japanese-Americans, many of them native-born citizens. Asked in 1944 to review this gross violation of due process, the Supreme Court endorsed the government's action by a six-to-three vote.

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