Thursday, January 10

Halal Food in British Schools

My sister asked me as to what this fuss was all about? Apparently, one British school decided to serve Halal food without consulting with the parents and needless to say, that got some parents all upset. She said and I quote, "uhmmm, why would they protest? I mean what's the difference? and in any case it's healthier that way, drained of the blood and the meat is more tender, I don't get this"

To which I replied, I think you would get upset as well if you suddenly found out from the newspapers that your son's school has suddenly decided to serve South Korean Delicacies like this?

You know how some Muslims hate dogs, yes? So it is not surprising that some of the British parents protested. The school should have consulted the parents before, but seriously, I have to think that the headmaster is a bit of an idiot to try to roll this kind of thing out specially in this politically and media charged atmosphere!

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