Sunday, January 6

Muslim Women To Curb Terror in the UK

I found this too funny, this British government has seriously lost its marbles. The holes in the argument are so many that one fails to know where to start. So why would a fundamentalist Muslim actually listen to a woman? Or how will this £70million be used?

Blears will tell local authorities to use part of a £70m government fund set up to combat extremism to pay for the courses in confidence building, communication and mediation skills.
Muslim women will be offered work placements with business leaders and top athletes to imbue assertiveness and leadership and help them to advance their careers. Funding will be available to set up local Muslim women’s groups to provide a “safe space” where they can discuss their concerns. The plan is likely to attract criticism from some Muslim men who will see it as a threat to cultural traditions about the role of women in society.

Of course, this would really help in removing terrorists. Another hair brained idea from this silly government. By all means, help them to improve themselves, but this is frankly stupid, it will create more problems than it resolves. How about say poor Hindu or Sikh women? or say poor Christian Women who are almost equally in need of such help? This kind of stupid non-secular, non-liberal, moronic thinking is what leads the counter-terrorism effort to go astray. And at end of the day, Al Queda will simply point to this effort as a crusader effort to convert Muslim Women to modern sins.... Bah!

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