Tuesday, March 4

God is not a woman? what on earth?

This is bizarre, I always knew that God was a woman. And the proof is simple, just figure out every time you said, "oh! God" or "Oh! my God!" and you will know that it was 90% related to women. So it HAS to be a woman. Who else but a woman can come up with a woman? and a man, while you are at it. A man would have come up with an ambulatory beer drinking penis while women, well, ok, you get the idea. But obviously because of the chastity requirement, the Pope does not know all these interesting factoids hence thinks that God is a male.

I quote:

The Vatican has cracked down on feminist interpretations of the liturgy, ruling that God must always be recognised as Our Father.
In a move designed to counter the spread of gender-neutral phrases, the Holy See said that anyone baptised using alternative terms, such as "Creator", "Redeemer" and "Sanctifier" would have to be re-baptised using the traditional ceremony.
The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith said yesterday: "These variations arise from so-called feminist theology and are an attempt to avoid using the words Father and Son, which are held to be chauvinistic."
Instead, it said that the traditional form of "Father, Son and Holy Ghost" had to be respected.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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Max Raleigh said...

I think it’s reasonable, if their doctrine is to say 'our father' it kind of misses the point to change it. You may as well claim Jesus was a woman. I think here the feminists are really just picking hairs and being pedantic; feminism is not the belief that anyone important was a woman, there is a line!
Personally i'm not a Christian but have always felt that since there are many asexual organisms on earth, if there were a creator there’s no reason to say he needs to be either of the sexes.