Sunday, May 11

BJP complaining about morals?

This made me giggle like mad. This is a Hindu right wing party, ok? And it is stuffed full of people whose morality (relating to murder, tolerance, love, fairness, consistency...) is rather suspicious (mind you, most Indian political parties are like this).

So when they start complaining about the dress code of cheerleaders at cricket matches, I just think, oh! you idiots, you just proved yourself to be utter morons. I mean, just who comes up with these ideas? Do they not have any brains?

So, this chap, BJP's state president Bandaru Dattatreya, is clearly somebody who is hypocritical. It is clear that he is more interested in the political posturing rather than actually working towards the improvement of women. I googled his statements and frankly, nothing much. What's his point? What has he done to improve the lot of women? How about this? He has basically and very explicitly pandered to woman's glorification by fielding a film actress in elections. If he had done it on the basis of having more women on his party list, I would have said fine, he is a women's right's defender, but as usual, he is a hypocrite, moaning about cheerleader's dresses while being a total cynical git.

He complains about corruption, but what has he actually done against corruption when he was in power? Again, happy to hear if he has actively kicked out somebody for corruption. How about this case? How about this complaint? How about him associating with shady characters? And this huge defender of women's rights refuses to let women join his organisation while moaning about women's rights.  See what I mean by being a hypocrite and a utter blot? Disgusting, but actually very amusing. Now what happens? Every time he gets on his high horse and talks about morals, I will chuckle at this man who is speaking out of his... As for his knowledge of Hinduism, that's another chuckling matter.

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