Sunday, May 11

Nothing will happen in Burma, AGAIN

Remember what I said before about Burma? I said that nobody will help them in their fight against the military goons, only they themselves can. And now, the military is not helping and actively stopping people from helping the cyclone victims. And still the Burmese do not do anything. And here's a prediction, nothing will actually happen again, anything between quarter of a million to a million Burmese will die and still nothing will happen.

All the liberal and conservative hand wringing around the globe is just hot air, nothing, absolutely nothing will happen. China, India, South East Asia, EU, USA, Arab World, OIC, United Nations, nothing, nobody can help on this. Here's a suggestion to the Burmese people, rise and fight for your freedom. Otherwise you will die. Mind you, you are dying anyway, so what do you have to lose?

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