Sunday, May 11

Pakistan finally belling the cat?

You cannot violate the laws of economics for too long. The giant sucking sound that the Pakistani Army makes when it is the parasite on the Pakistani State, People and rest of the world seems to be diminishing by a small amount. I quote;

Pakistan’s new coalition government has ordered a “massive cut” in budget expenditure across the board, including military spending, to cope with the rising cost of fuel and food subsidies

How much do you want to bet that nothing will be cut on the military expenditures and the brunt of the spending cuts will fall, as usual, on the poor disenfranchised Pakistani citizen? But, the fact that a finance minister had the temerity to say this (well, he said this in London, another sad fact, I rather doubt that he would have had the gumption to say this in Isloo).

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Still lets see...

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