Monday, June 9

The Irish Govt and the EU forget what democracy is

This makes me extremely cynical indeed. A constitution is supposed to be one of the foundations of the state and it is to be expected that the citizens would agree and appreciate it.

It just tells me the depths to which this European project has sunk that it is now reduced to whining and moaning about a dark future without this constitution. Only ONE country out of tens is asking its citizens about its constitution and that too is causing major issues. That is democracy for you, you elitist corrupt lot?

Bernard Kouchner, France's foreign minister says that "Irish voters were warned on Monday that the rest of the European Union would look at them with “gigantic incomprehension” if they rejected the bloc’s Lisbon reform treaty in Thursday’s referendum."

No, Bernard, we are looking at you with cynical comprehension that you are basically an elite, who have no pretensions towards democracy and the will of people. And it is indeed telling that you are uncomprehending of the will of the people. After all, you and your other European Elite never followed it, did you?

And then you have an unelected leader of a government which has perhaps the lowest popularity rating of any recent government in British History, busy signing up the country to a constitution which is crap.

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