Sunday, June 8

Typically, the Tory propensity for corruption emerges

The Tories in the United Kingdom face a bit of a problem with corruption. Make that a very big problem, and until and unless David Cameron is ferociously hard on these locusts and corrupt leeches, he will be faced with the possibility that he will remain the head of the heartless cold hypocritical self righteous tories.

Take this week for example, three heads of people who are supposed to be good and clear above minor basic stupid moronic theft and corruption are found to be so. One is the head of the Conservative Party Chairman and the second is the head of the Conservative MEPs and third is the Tory chief whip in Brussels leader. THAT is the problem, the rot starts at the top. Clamp down, Mr. Cameron, clamp down on this theft and bad behaviour, we deserve better leaders, not loose people like this, we want good solid well respected leaders.

I dont really care about the in's and out's of individual cases, but the basic fact remains that members of parliament have been fiddling with expenses and who will promise to have clean hands? That's the problem, all these MP's have basically corrupt souls, do we have a Hercules for these Augean Stables?

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