Thursday, June 26

Prostitutes offer petrol discounts

Wow, now that's selling...Again, nothing wrong with it, but it clearly goes to show that the laws of economics are biting hard. I was in a conference dinner yesterday at the Canadian High Commission where I was hearing about how Nova Scotia is giving tax breaks for people who want to go invest in Nova Scotia. Very good, and that's what all the countries around the world are doing (personally speaking, i think that's a wrong move because once you have prostituted yourself for a sales tax, what's stopping you from prostituting yourself for another region for another sales tax?) Now read this:



American prostitutes are offering free fuel after finding that high petrol prices were keeping customers away.

In the Nevada desert, where it is legal to run brothels, truck drivers make up a significant proportion of the men who like to pay to stay awhile.

But with bowser prices making filling the tank of the big rigs which ply their trade on America's highways almost prohibitively expensive, something has had to give.

The Nevada Brothel Owners Association claim they are bearing the brunt, with revenue in some establishments dropping by up to 45 per cent since the oil crisis began.

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