Thursday, June 26

UK seeks private bids on welfare delivery

Now this is a good step(Britain's entire welfare system is to be opened to offers from the private and voluntary sectors, in a drive to shrink the role of the state and improve service delivery), credit where its due. Labour minister, you are to be congratulated for taking this step. Now delivery is another thing, but still, this is good. The fact that citizens need welfare is not in doubt, even if I can quibble about the levels and the recipients. But I can and will quibble about service delivery.

There is no reason why the state has to be directly involved in service delivery just like there is no reason why the state has to provide electricity to me. This will hopefully reduce taxes (dream on, BD..) and make government less intrusive. But this will need good regulatory models. Here in the UK, we have seen both the best and the worst of the regulatory worlds such as in the electricity market, the phone markets, the railway market and the financial institution market.

But good step none the less.

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