Saturday, July 5

Poorest Indians pay bribes for basic services

This is something that makes my blood boil.

Tens of millions of Indians living below the poverty line on 50 pence or less a day were forced to pay an estimated £110 million in bribes over a three-month period for access to basic services.

Bloody unbelievable indeed. You are trying to help the poorest and the poorest have to pay bribes to get it. Each and every person who has taken a bribe will suffer, man, bad karma for them, they will suffer, their families will suffer. Bad money doesn't help. And the police? Least said about them. I am reminded of a quote which i read recently.

When a soldier dies, they say that a shaheed (martyr) died, when a policeman dies, they say that a thief died.

That's what you are, thieves and cowards and basically scum, you bastards, may you rot in hell. And for the politicians? Snorts, bunch of wankers

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