Saturday, July 5

update on the 12 laptops

Well, actually there are not 10 but 12 laptops, and those laptops are going to go to 3 hospitals who have bone marrow transplant units. Kids in this situation can end up with more than an year away from other friends, schooling etc. etc. If things work out, these 12 laptops would have helped at least 30-40 kids over the next 2-3 years.

That's 40 man years of happiness that these two wonderful men at the local council managed to do. Can you imagine that statistic? Even if you consider it to be just 10%, that's 4 years even. 4 years of happiness to a sick child. That's so impressive and creditable. God will indeed reward them and in any case, life has a way of thanking people who help others.

God bless you both. Thank you again.

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