Saturday, July 5

UK Treasury in a mess

This would be amusing if it was not so sad and worrying. The treasury is actually the nation's treasury, it takes my tax dollars in and then gives it to deserving folks like the sick, ill, and deprived. If i do not pay my taxes, then the government can come and lock me up and take my pots and pans.

But this very same government cannot account for the money it has taken from me. Its accounting is in a shambles. Why? because the auditors are refusing to sign off on it. The economic incompetence of this government is staggering. In any case, I as a taxpayer have suddenly become the owner of a bank and I am now lending money to others for mortgages. And this decision was taken by Alistair Darling and that prime moron, Gordon Brown. God, you need to be turfed out ASAP, how much more damage will you do to the country?

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