Sunday, December 7

Fairness in the United Kingdom

This, perhaps a bit over stated (and not surprising as its coming from a conservative government), is rather sad. This is really sad that too many people will identify with this.

I quote:


I warn you, do not be a saver under this government. They will slash your interest rate, undermine the value of your currency, and tax you on the meagre proceeds of your prudence.

I warn you, do not be a motorist under this government. They will try to regulate and tax you off the road, blaming you for all the environmental crimes of the planet.

I warn you, do not be a resident of the Home counties. They will tax you more to pay for the rest, and will build all over your remaining greenfields.

I warn you, do not be a small business owner creating jobs. They will hurl the regulatory book at you, undermine your market by bad economic policy and tax any success you may still have.

I warn you, do not seek to avoid dependence on the state to keep your independence. The Inspectors and Regulators will still come after you to capture your every personal detail and movement for their databases.

I warn you, do not think you live in a democracy with freedom of information. If you criticise the government and publish some government information, you may be hounded and harried.

I warn you, do not seek to have thoughts that are different from the government’s. The thought police will monitor your blogs, listen to your conversations, and charge you with thought crimes if you offend the politically correct nostra.

I warn you, do not own a TV under this government. If you do you will be expected to pay a Poll Tax and dutifully accept Labour propaganda put out by the BBC in so many of their editorial choices of questions, guests and story lines.

I warn you, do not be well educated under this government. To be have done well at school and university shows you are privileged, and part of the problem as the government sees it.

I am all for more fairness for the disabled, the elderly, and those who cannot compete in this fast moving competitive world. That does not require a government which treats many of the prudent, responsible, independent people as the enemy.

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