Tuesday, December 9

Working couples with children hit most by Labour tax rises

Worrying stuff. Working couples with children are supposed to be the bedrock of a society, no? Good hard working folks, producing children in family units, keeping things simple and stable for the society. Unfortunately, as with most other things, doing this kind of stuff means that you are overlooked. You see, you will not create a problem for the government, you will quietly go about your business despite you being taken for a mug. Your children will not create problems. You will pay your taxes quietly. You will work quietly. You will not create crime. You wont get drunk and lie puking in the gutters. You will have good health and not worry the health gurus other than major huge pandemic issues relating to hair or an increasing waistline.

But read what this British Government has done. You see, Labour came to power promising that this exact middle class would prosper. They will give opportunity a chance, they will give ambition a chance. My children know that if they work hard, they will reach the top, and the government will not steal from them or interrupt them.

Unfortunately, the Labour government has done all of this. It has, for its own narrow political ends, increased the level of government and has given out more benefits to the lower levels so as to increase their dependence on the government. When prices in the past decade, excluding energy, are due to increased government spending, when most economic activity in many areas of the country is just due to government spending and when employment growth is simply due to government spending, why are you surprised to hear that government stings good hard working people like you and I? Here, read this and weep.

The effect of tax and benefit measures imposed by the Labour Government over more than a decade was laid bare last night with new figures showing that working couples with children will be £1,500 a year worse off by 2012.

Not that it has much improved the poorer levels of society either. Here's the stuff.

There was more pressure on the Government over its benefits regime this week as an influential group of MPs highlighted how some of the poorest people were missing out on tax credit payments because the system was so complicated.

God, these bunch of incompetent buffoons make me totally upset. Guess whose employment is growing (albeit in the USA?) where job losses for November were 1/2 a million?

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