Wednesday, December 10

When a handshake creates problems

I feel sad for Sheikh Tantawi and nothing but pity for the people who are calling for his head for the sheer effrontery that he had to shake the hand of Israeli President Shimon Peres. The man met Peres in an interfaith conference and belong to countries which are at peace. Anybody who thinks Tantawi did wrong in shaking hands with Peres is frankly stupid and more importantly, is dangerous to mankind because they are creating a problem with inter faith relations as well as political relations. So any time you read about this, immediately label them :)

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khaled said...

When you take any thing including thoughts, you shold know it first then ciricize it, is it right?
And that also includes what happened to Tantawi. You should know who is tantawi, how he became the sheikh of azhar, and what he did is right or wrong in his religion(Islam).

Sheikh tantawi said it is wrong to do that, because he lied more than one time that he did not know Peres before, and he didn't know that Peres is respnsiple also of killing his brother in islam in Palestine specially in Gaza.

So please another time don't criticize any thing and say "frankly stupid", until you know it, because you don't know about this incedent any thing, Unfortunatly :) .

BD said...

suggest you read up on what I have written on Islam, Tantawi and handshakes, mate. On this blog itself.

Also, either tell me what I have missed or let it go. Giving a vague comment that I dont know doesnt hack it.

So tell me what I have missed exactly with quotes.