Friday, February 6

Education minister's blog littered with spelling mistakes

Just what is with education ministers and pathetic educational performance? Check this out. I quote: 

The Labour MP's website was also found to contain typing errors and grammatical oversights.

The mispellings of Mr Knight, who was educated at Cambridge University, include "maintainence", "convicned", "curently", "similiar", "foce", "pernsioners", "reccess" and "archeaological".

Mr Knight, who is responsible for raising education standards, also clearly has problems with the "i before e, except after c" spelling rule taught to primary school pupils.

He spelled "achieving" and "received" incorrectly.

Mr Knight, 43, gives his opinions on local and national issues regularly on his website, which reveals he attended the fee-paying Eltham College, in Mottingham, south east London.

He went on to study geography, and social and political sciences at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, from 1984 to 1987.

Mr Knight, MP for Dorset South, said: "When I was at school the teachers told me to always check my work. While my spelling is generally pretty good, I need to focus more on checking."

Rob Wilson, the Conservative education spokesman, said: "He will be disappointed with his efforts in class but I'm sure he'll make every effort to improve now teacher has noticed he's falling behind."

Unbelievable. Before somebody says that I have too high standards, no. This is the education minister. Its like being an economics minister without any knowledge of economics (oh! sorry, Gordon Brown), or being the minister for aviation without having had taken one flight or been to an airport. And if this was a simple mistake, then sorry, that shows an alarming case of no attention to detail and inability to use spell check.

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