Monday, February 2

Woman texter who killed motorist jailed for 21 months

So let me understand this, you consciously break the law, you blithering idiot, knowing fully well that you cannot concentrate and drive at the same time. She caused the death of another woman. She is a killer and a murderer. If nothing else, because of her stupidity. There is a reason why the law suggests that you dont play on the railway tracks or go inside an electricity sub-station. And this is what she says:

Curtis, who denied the charge of causing death by dangerous driving, said she felt "awful" for causing the death of another young woman. "I can't really describe in words how bad I actually feel," she told the court. "I just feel awful that I was involved and I can't really imagine how the family must feel."

How does that help the poor woman? You obviously couldn't understand the concept of not texting or speaking on the phone while driving, it is obvious that you will never be able to imagine how the family will feel, you apology for a human being. Disgusting.

On Saturday, on the way back from a trip with the kids to the council garbage dump, I nearly had an accident with a woman who had 4 kids, none of whom were belted in, and she was TALKING on the phone. I bellowed imprecations at her but too late. Just WHAT is so important about taking that call or texting that it is worth somebody’s life? Some people….

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