Sunday, February 1

How to cook Corn in a Cup

My description of a recipe to a friend.

madcapmagician: i cooked sweet corn for the kids
madcapmagician: lol
madcapmagician: for tea
madcapmagician: they wanted me to do a corn in a cup
madcapmagician: lol
madcapmagician: well
madcapmagician: its a very complicated recipe
madcapmagician: you take out corn from the freezer
madcapmagician: which is in a frozen pack
madcapmagician: and then you swear while you struggle to take out the rubber band
madcapmagician: and then end up cutting the damn thing off
madcapmagician: then the entire lump of frozen corn drops on your toes
madcapmagician: then you swear some more
madcapmagician: and go hunting for the fast melting (we have underfloor heating in the kitchen)
madcapmagician: blobs of corn
madcapmagician: then you collect them
madcapmagician: Diya helps in walking on many lumps
madcapmagician: then you wash them
madcapmagician: and then put them into a bowl
madcapmagician: put them into the microwave for 5 minutes
madcapmagician: till then you rummage through cupboards because you cant find anything
madcapmagician: and then get all the condiments in a row
madcapmagician: then go and read the economist and forget about the corn
madcapmagician: till Diya comes and scolds you
madcapmagician: you rush to the microwave
madcapmagician: and find that it has cooled down
madcapmagician: so you plonk another 2 minutes on it
madcapmagician: and swear some more
madcapmagician: then you find 4 small dishes
madcapmagician: and then get told off by Diya for using picnic bowls
madcapmagician: so put the picnic bowls back inside the cupboard
madcapmagician: and then china bowls are brought out
madcapmagician: then go pick up the corn bowl from the microwave
madcapmagician: swear some more because its frigging hot and you forgot to use oven gloves
madcapmagician: and then you hop around while waving your hands like a demented goat
madcapmagician: then shove the hands under the kitchen tap
madcapmagician: the tap obviously goes to the full so that water splashes all over the kitchen
madcapmagician: swear some more
madcapmagician: then dry off the sink, the bowls, the daughter, the hands, the condiments
madcapmagician: find that the salt bowl now has 2 gallons of water in it
madcapmagician: swear some more
madcapmagician: go hunting for some dry salt
madcapmagician: find it
madcapmagician: repeat enterprise with rubber bands and plastic salt sacks
madcapmagician: then load hot corn into the china cups
madcapmagician: and then make magic with soya sauce, cheese, lime juice, a dash of chilli powder, a dash of garlic, coriander, butter, some garnishing of cheddar cheese, some piri piri powder, and then mix
madcapmagician: ladle it out
madcapmagician: and watch the kids eat with gusto.

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