Monday, June 15

Academics uneasy with ban on beards

Bang goes my idea of retiring to Turkey to be an academic. See this


Still unable to find a solution to the controversial and long-standing ban on the Islamic headscarf, Turkish universities are now facing a ban on instructors having a beard or moustache, the Sabah daily reported yesterday.

A draft disciplinary regulation prepared by the Higher Education Board (YÖK) for instructors at universities would require university faculty to shave every day and wear ties on campus. A similar obligation is also mentioned in an existing regulation on attire for university staff, but has not been enforced for several years. The new draft regulation has sparked heated debate amongst instructors who believe university staff should be free to decide what to wear.

According to the draft regulation, male instructors at universities have to be clean shaven every day and are not allowed to wear sweaters that may fully hide their ties.

Ok, so I understand ties, you want to show a professional face to the chaps, but beards and moustaches? Crikey! I wonder what the background is? Must be something to do with religion, lol.

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