Sunday, June 14

And the racism pours forth

Typically, you can take the man out of the slimy end and put them into the European Parliament but you cannot take the slime out of the man. The man and all what he represents is racist. See his latest utterances.

Mr Brons, who began his political life as a member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, said he rejected the notion that Black or Asian members of the community could be British, even if they were born here.

He said: "I don't accept the term Black British or Asian British. Britons are the indigenous peoples of these isles."

Asked about someone like Dame Kelly, who was born in Kent of a white English mother and Jamaican father, and served for several years in the Army before becoming one of this country's most successful athletes, he said: "Kelly Holmes is only partially from this country, even if she is an integrated member of the community."

Mr Brons, 61, went on to reject the idea that black footballers, such as Emile Heskey and Jermain Defoe, who represented England against Andorra last Wednesday, could be regarded as British.

He said: "They are British citizens – which is a legal concept – but not British by identity. That's not a pejorative description, it is just stating a fact about their racial identity."

The BNP's ultimate aim – as laid down in its constitution – is a return to a predominately white Britain that existed before the 1948 Nationality Act.

Mr Brons, who well into the 1980s was still praising the NF's skinhead supporters, used to advocate mass forced repatriation of all non-whites. He says he now accepts repatriation would have to be voluntary.

He said: "Compulsory repatriation is not practical now because communities have put down roots. My views have matured and changed."

Quite interesting. I was speaking to few of the BNP supporters on a Tory list and found it very interesting that one cannot split up the issue of race with immigration. Its pretty much clear that its a racist policy if you are against mass immigration but happy to employ white Europeans. This incoherence is so amusing, and when you scratch the surface, you find bewilderment and amazement. Just ask, what does it mean by identity or race? No answer or a blind alley like, people who are born here. Or what we are part of Germanic races. HA! silly sods, you mean Aryan? If so, by language, most of the Indo Germanic linguistic family is also European. More I see and read their utterances, the funnier I find them.

What’s more important is that I am now seeing the BNP supporters realising what kind of animal they have voted for. This veneer of respectability is being removed and the underlying ugliness of their position is being exposed. But on the other hand, the political parties have to do something about immigration and crack down on it. Otherwise this cancer will keep on spreading. But to let perfectly respectable people understand what the BNP are up to, they need to be constantly asked about their positions and policies. Its obvious that the incoherence of their positions will constantly be made into a laughing stock. They cannot help it, they have to be steadfast to their manifesto otherwise they will get accused of being liars and untrustworthy, and if they do remain steadfast, they are racist. Heh. Lovely place to be in, eh?

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