Saturday, June 13

Secretary forced out of Muslim school by parents who thought she was a man

Sometimes I wonder whether the parents need to be educated as well, because as in this story, this bunch of hoo haa’s are clearly shown up as being stupid, moronic, idiotic, lacking in basic decency, obscurantist, medieval, stupid, horrible, mean, pathetic, disgusting, and and and. This is being taught at a British School? Crikey, what a sad sad state of affairs:

Shifa Patel, who dressed for work in a traditional hijab (head covering) and full-length robe, was targeted after photographs of her with short hair and wearing a shirt and trousers were copied from social networking site Facebook.

But when an angry mob of parents gathered at the school gates attempting to force their way in and demanding she be sacked, the secretary decided to hand in her resignation and the head also decided to quit in protest.

The school seems to be setup by parents who are seriously stupid.

It was established in 1995 by parents who were concerned about the state school environment and the effect it might have on their children. Music is viewed as un-Islamic and GCSE students are taught Islamic studies, rather than religious education, and Arabic and Urdu instead of modern European languages.

What’s good is that these people will soon get extinct as only idiots like them will want to teach in their school and only more idiots will come out of the school. PATHETIC!.

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