Sunday, June 7

What’s in a name? Quite a lot if you are God

My Dad used to tell this joke. A Sikh was on the bus and he finds that his 10p coin has slipped out of his pocket and into a deep crack in the side panel. So he starts praying, “Ya Allah, please help me get the 10p out, please please please”. A Mullah was sitting next to him and after some time of hearing his prayers, gets a bit irritated and then pokes the Sardar. “Oiy, Sardar, you are a Sikh, why are you taking the name of Allah?” Pat comes the answer, “Do you think i am going to send Guru Gobind Singh into that crack for just 10p?”

But I was reminded of that joke when I read this:

the Roman Catholic Church has been banned by a Malaysian court from using the word "Allah", the word commonly used for God in the Malay language. A court upheld a government ban that has become a symbol of religious tensions in the Muslim-majority country. Christians in Malaysia are banned from using "Allah" in their literature, because the government says it would confuse Muslims.Christian groups say the ban is unconstitutional, arguing the word "Allah" predates Islam.

I am amused because I grew up respecting all religions. My grandma had a picture of the Kaaba inside her temple room. Here’s a song that I grew up listening.

It just means, Allah is your name, God is your name, you give sustenance to all.

Curious, no? how people are stupid enough to fight over a name for the God? And how patronising, Muslims will get confused because a Christian organisation calls God as Allah? And it also says that the court knows sweet sod all about theology because the God in Judaism, Christianity and Islam is considered to be the same. And I am sure God is looking down and digging his elbow into his friend’s ribs, pointing to that silly court and laughing their heads off. Clowns.

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