Thursday, June 11

The BNP is not racist – they just bumped into KKK



PHOTOS have emerged of BNP leader and north west European Parliament candidate Nick Griffin with a Ku Klux Klan leader. Griffin, who is contending the north west seat in the European Parliament elections next month, is pictured sharing a platform with American Nazi Stephen 'Don' Black, who is banned from Britain for stirring up extremism.
Black is on the list of banned people made public by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith yesterday as an example of behaviour that would not be tolerated here. Griffin and Black - founder of racist website Stormfront and formerly a KKK grand wizard - appeared on the same bill at an 'American Renaissance' conference in 2005 and 2006.

I am fast coming to the conclusion that everybody who did vote for BNP is actually a racist. If they are not, they are plain and simply stupid. And I mean that in the full medical sense of the word. They are intellectually incoherent. If I wasnt bought up properly and still dread my Ma, I would be laughing at these village idiots for believing the pure and simple incoherent pap being shoved out by the BNP. But people are known by the company one keeps.

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Kan-Wil-Sal said...

Now, perhaps you should have done your homework before writing. American Renaissance never invited Don Black to their conference more then a third of their readership and members are Jewish. But I also want to see the BNP crushed as a Boere-Afrikaner, I want you to share the same multicultural and racial utopia in which I live here in South Africa. So I want you to import another 5 Million Pakistani’s and another 10 Million Nigerians and another 50 Million Somaliens just to make sure, I am absolutely orgasmic about the destruction of your people. We must stop the racist BNP and their Nazi agenda.