Sunday, June 21

And the serpent of discrimination stirs in NI

You might have read about the issue of discrimination, racist attacks on a bunch of Romanian families in Northern Ireland. Here’s a good overview article. I quote:

When the police in Northern Ireland started recording racially motivated crime in 1996 there were just 41 incidents. Last year there were nearly 1,000…..There have been persistent attacks on the newcomers. In April Hungarians, Lithuanians and Slovakians and Poles said they were intimidated out of the area. Dr Jarman said that while an element of loyalism has associations with neo-Nazis he did not believe that paramilitaries have been involved in the latest attacks.

And so it proved, this is tapping into the same contemptible underlying racism which has given rise to the BNP. By and large, the people who are voting for the BNP are the same people who are doing this, the lower socio-economic class, the uneducated class, the class which sees anybody who is not “them” as a threat, the underclass so to say.

The BNP immediately felt that it had to issue a statement: I quote:

“The BNP wishes to state publicly that it considers the mindless violence in Ulster as reprehensible and futile, and wishes to make it crystal clear to all that we have nothing whatsoever to do with the ongoing attacks against the Romanians, regardless of the claims of various political and media commentators,” Mr Griffin wrote.

“The BNP demands that the police in Belfast arrest the criminals behind these attacks and bring them to justice. We also wish to make it clear that the BNP has not been involved with the troubles in any capacity whatsoever. The media, always on the lookout to smear the BNP in any way possible, has been desperately trying to incriminate the party in this wave of violence. We state categorically that this claim is nothing but a pathetic lie of the liberal-left media.

“Blaming the BNP is attractive to media liars and head-in-the-sand politicians who refuse to address the genuine problems caused in working class communities by irresponsible mass immigration.

“But the truth of the matter is that as long as multiculturalism and uncontrolled mass immigration continues to be official policy, we will continue to see inter-communal violence and bloodshed like recently in Belfast. The race riots on the British mainland and the Belfast attacks are, unfortunately, the tip of the multicultural iceberg,” Mr Griffin continued.

“To the brainwashed liberal-left multiracial fanatics of the media and the main parties, any failings in the so-called ‘multiracial society’ must be the work of the BNP.

“We call on the establishment politicians to carefully consider their policies on immigration, social affairs and politically correct policing. These policies undermine the stability of parts of Belfast and Ulster which can ill afford these added strains in the light of that region’s history.

“Ulster has suffered greatly over the years and to see sectarianism replaced by racism would not only be a tragedy but would be the fault of politicians and community leaders who refuse to see the truth,” Mr Griffin concluded.

Nick Griffin’s basic idiocy in echoing conspiracy theories mean that he is a figure of much amusement to me. But that’s not a problem, a man who names his dogs as Anne and Frank as a way to get back at the Jews is simply somebody who lives under a rock. And people who are voting for him, well, see what you are associating yourself with. But the underlying incoherence of this stupid statement, “we condemn the attacks but its their fault for immigrating” was echoed on several conservative lists that I am on.

I was quite shocked to read the casual racism that was being shown. The Roma deserved it. They are criminals. I want to know the other side. This was coming to them. Frankly, many people who I thought were genuinely concerned about their country have shown their underlying discriminatory nature most nakedly. The situation is much worse than what I thought when normally respectable people think that its fine to be openly racist. That’s what they are. I thought of debating them, even pointed out that what is happening to the Romanians in Northern Ireland was the same as what was happening to the White farmers in Zimbabwe. Guess what was the response? That the White farmers are different because they were productive. I mean, talk about not seeing the wood for the trees. Its the casual and targeted racism against a group simply because of their skin colour or nationality which is the common element. Disgusting and made me feel dirty. And then to top it all, they call themselves as Christians.

And you know what the funny bit is? when other terrorists want to disassociate from you. Here’s an interesting comment by the erstwhile loyalist leaders.

Loyalists have been blamed for the spate of attacks, but police said they did not believe that paramilitaries were involved in orchestrating them.

Jackie McDonald, leader of Northern Ireland’s largest loyalist paramilitary group, the Ulster Defence Association, blamed BNP and Combat 18 supporters for the attacks, denying that loyalists had been involved.

A BNP spokesman told the Belfast-based Irish News: “The people of Belfast were always going to get the blame but the source of the problem is these people. They cause trouble wherever they go.”

Poor BNP members and voters, even other people who were at the bottom think you are beyond the pale (pun intended). Contemptible.

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