Friday, June 26

Why should vaccines be free?

I agree with this company, why on earth should the vaccines be free? Say I am a shareholder of GSK and Novartis (which I am not, btw), and I have invested my money in its stock. Why are you expecting ME to fund the vaccines? What's the solidarity in that? If my returns are lower, do you think anybody will be willing to top up my pension? in solidarity? I dont think so. I quote:

Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceuticals group, defied the World Health Organisation and some of its corporate peers by ruling out a donation to the poor of vaccines to counter the latest flu pandemic, and saying developing nations or donor nations should cover the costs.

Daniel Vasella, Novartis chief executive, told the Financial Times that he would consider offering discounted pricing to low-income nations, but unlike other drug companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, would not offer vaccines for free. He said: “If you want to make production sustainable, you have to create financial incentives.”

It definitely makes sense, the firm is not running as a bloody charity, you know? it has to pay its suppliers, its staff and its other commitment holders. If you take the argument to its logical conclusion, every medicine it makes will be expensive to the poor because in effect even a 1 cent/paise/pence cost will be quite high for the poor. So does that mean that in solidarity, this firm should be run as a charity? No way. So Margaret Chan, the WHO Director General, please note that you are saying complete bollocks.

Also remember what happens if you make things like this free, then no private firm produces them. Many of these instances have happened in our history, for example with measles and polio vaccines in the past. When will these idiots learn? This is not to say that the governments cannot step in and purchase sufficient vaccines for their populace or some international body does it for them, but asking something like this is forced charity, that’s not solidarity, that’s stupidity.

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