Wednesday, July 22

Cross Border Moral Shopping

So lets see, according to the grand poo bah's of the religious establishment in the magic kingdom, you cannot hold hands, watch cinema, drink alcohol, pick up a girl, attend a concert, racing to glory., purchase books, see paintings and do "art". So the Bahraini's now want to stop them corrupting the morals.

Here's my issue, in Bahrain, there are some moral activities which are fine and some which are wrong, but they are all wrong in Saudi. Amazing how just crossing a bridge (in more ways than one) can make a difference to cultures, morals and religion, eh? Check out this story, it is so strange to read stuff like this…

On the other hand, my sister sent me this link. I quote:

KUALA LUMPUR // Many countries are Islamic, but some may be more Islamic than others. Now moves are afoot to rate nations according to how closely they adhere to the principles of Islam.
The Shariah Index Project is led by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, a New York-based cleric who heads the Cordoba Initiative, a multinational project to improve relations between Muslim countries and the West. “We have been soliciting the opinion of scholars throughout the Muslim world, asking them what defines an Islamic state, from the point of view of Islamic law,” he said. “What are the principles that make a state Islamic? We can say among them is justice, protection of religion and minorities and elimination of poverty, and so on.”

Heh, I guess Bahrain will come way lower than the Saudi Arabia? I am sure that will get them even more upset. Then Bahrain will say, hey, its the Saudi’s who are lowering the tone, so then they will appeal to the Index creators, and then Saudi’s will say, no, not our fault, you guys have these bars, museums, galleries, cinemas which is against Sharia (who gets to define this anyway? there are so many types of it…). You can just see where this is going to end up, no?

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